Cycling: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Today, I did a 6:20 bike ride, about 102 miles or so in preparation for my Ironman coming up in early March. When I go for a ride, I usually see at least one thing that bugs me or pisses me off. BUT TODAY – being out there for 6+ hours, I think I just[…]


…it’s the only sound I hear as I move through the water, my head completely submerged, cutting serenely like a needle through butter, my heartbeat climbing higher and higher. I force my body to rotate back and forth faster, which makes my arms stroke at a higher rate and press against the water harder. I[…]

Putting up with being sick

For a triathlete, being sick really sucks. We have a race coming up and we can’t get out there to train. How will we know if we will be at our best if we don’t stick to the training plan and not miss a single workout? So I managed to catch this cold/allergy thing that’s[…]

Triathlon, Fad or Something Else?

About a year before I started racing triathlons in May 2002 (with Team in Training), triathlon racing was already on the upswing especially in the Bay Area. Why did this happen? My thought was that there were so many people out of work post-internet bubble and when you get a whole bunch of competitive, motivated[…]

Head Positioning

One more thing I neglected to mention about my head positioning. I try to look about a few degrees forward of the vertical, and press the head and chin down. In that way, I know the water is not flowing over the back of my head which creates drag. When the water hits my forehead,[…]

Heavy Fog, Cold, Gotta Bike…

I just spent 5.5 hours on the bike. And it must have been 40 degrees when I started at 9am and by the time I was done I was pretty frozen. How dedicated I am! …Or crazy… I was totally amazed at the number of runner out there wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts.[…]

Swim Secrets

These last two weeks I’ve been trying really hard to reinforce two things in my swimming. 1. The Catch My coach tells me about 2 weeks ago that I drop my arm and I don’t catch before I stroke. So I start really relaxing my upper arm and make sure I bend at the elbow[…]

M2: My Ironman Coach

Mike McCormack has been instrumental in getting me to perform better than ever before. I highly recommend his training at M2: His general philosophy is one of quality versus quantity, and judicious use of periodization and interval training to improve fitness and performance. Amazingly, most of his bike training is indoors on a computrainer[…]

Training Training Training

In 2002, I got into triathlons with Team in Training. Since then I have been racing continuously every year. What a necessary component in my life! Going through all my life changes, I needed a way to release stress and to be able to “void” my brain for long periods of time. Training was perfect[…]