Last Minute Checks

Hanging out here in my LA apartment and going through my stuff one last time. Sunglasses, GU, water bottles, bike helmet, bike looks ok… I always feel like I’ve forgotten something. I guess I’ll have a week to replace it in NZ if I did. I did forget my bike helmet last year at Pacific[…]

Reflections: Goals for 2005 and Beyond

As I come to my first Ironman, I reflect on the experience and think about triathlon goals I have for this coming year and beyond. Here they are: CYCLING: To see how close I can get my fitness/strength/abilities to Lance Armstrong. My coach laughed when I told him this, because it was exactly his goal[…]

Workout burnout

Man these last two weeks have been tough. The long biking and running sessions over the many weeks has left me a bit burned out for training. My coach has reassured me that my fitness is more than adequate to cross the finish line, but I can’t help but wonder if I left anything out,[…]

Preparing to go

Ugh. The worst part about triathlons is the packing beforehand. What to bring, or not to bring…and then worry about 2 weeks in New Zealand. I guess I’ll just have to consider everything as disposable! I hope my ZIPP 404 race wheels survive. They are packed in along with my Ritchey Breakaway, a packable bike.[…]

What does Ironman mean to me?

Well, it’s been a grueling but rewarding 4 months of hard training for Ironman New Zealand. As I reflect on the experience over the last few months, I have thought deeply about what does finishing Ironman mean to me. These thoughts are: 1. The struggle for training was very high at times. My coach would[…]

Gonna Fly Now

“Gonna Fly Now…Gonna Fly Now….” Yesterday, I ran a triple brick as part of my Ironman training. Basically, I ran almost a half ironman yesterday! Just thinking about that is amazing in the fact that I struggled to finish Vineman Half Ironman last year in a tad less than 6 hours. And now I run[…]