Half Vineman!

Off to Half Vineman today! Driving up with my buddy Dan who is a triathlon stud. Follow our exploits at Official Half Vineman site. This the last year we can qualify for a Ironman Championships slot at a half ironman. They launched a new race series called the Ironman 70.3 series, which ends in its[…]

Balance and Training

Sent to newsletter of the Pacific Grove Triathlon’s request for thoughts on Balance, or balancing your training/racing with other parts of your life: Balance between training/racing and the rest of my life has always been the eternal challenge. In solving my issues, I’ve found that there are three essential things to keeping training in your[…]

Shifting Gears

I just noticed something at my last cycling workout. I shift gears incessantly. I adjust my gearing at the slightest change in pressure to my thighs. I use them as my signal to shift down or up. This is because I don’t want to be powering through the ride, but rather using the mechanical advantage[…]

Run Like There is No Finish Line

I wore my favorite long sleeve shirt today by Nike. It’s got this incredibly cool slogan on it – “Run Like There is no Finish Line”. Wow. What a great motivator! I got this shirt last year at the NYC Marathon. One problem though. It’s black. So I put it on because there is this[…]