Training Costs for 2005

As I near the end of 2005, I calculate the cost of my training over this last year: M2 Coaching: $200/month x 12 months = $2400 Team Clinic/ART/Chiropractic: $4817.50 Dr. Rikke/Healthlogic/Graston/Chiropractic: $730 This doesn’t count all the clothes, powdered sports drinks, energy bars, bike equipment, sneakers, etc. I bought this year. So coaching+medical = $7947.50[…]

Bikram Yoga in the Off Season

These last few weeks I’ve been trying out Bikram Yoga. Previously I had never been a big fan of yoga. This is because I’m not very flexible and yoga deals heavily in what I would call “flexible strength”. Flexible strength means that you apply power when your muscles are in a stretched position. Many people[…]