ARG Asics Why Did You Change?

For years I’ve been running in Asics Gel Nimbus running shoes. They are neutral (no motion control) and supposedly have the most cushioning of any running shoe. And they worked great for 3 years. Until now. This year, they decided to make the toe box narrower and the tongue has padding in it. This combination[…]

Crazy New Goal

OK so after I found out about Yasso 800s, I told my coach about it and he gave me a workout progression based on 800s. I started running 800s and now I’m doing that at about 3:05-3:19 per 800. My new (CRAZY) goal: run a marathon in 3 hours. YIKES. But given my 800 times,[…]

Yasso 800s

Today I traded emails with a buddy of mine who is a sub-3 hour marathoner. If you do the calculation, to run a 3 hour marathon, you’d have to maintain a pace of 6:52/mile the whole way, and that’s not counting dealing with the terrain and environment (ie. if it’s hilly or hot/humid day). That’s[…]