Aero Helmets: Louis Garneau Rocket

Yesterday I took my new Louis Garneau Rocket aero helmet out for my long ride to test it out. I didn’t know what to expect but if the wind tunnel tests were true, then I should be using something which would have a dramatic effect on my cycling aerodynamic efficiency. Wow what a noticeable difference.[…]

Got My Aero Helmet!

I’m STOKED. My Louis Garneau Rocket aero helmet arrived today. Putting me on made me feel like a ROCKET. OK OK. I suck as a triathlete. Maybe you can argue that I’m not worthy of wearing an aero helmet. But after reading this article about Bicycle Aerodynamics and an article in Bicycling Magazine, September 2006,[…]


These last few weeks swimming I’ve been thinking about bubbles. Not bubble bath mind you, but the bubbles I create while swimming. If you read about bubble formation in swimming books, some of them say that it’s the byproduct of wasted energy. Energy that could have gone into propulsion gets wasted in creating turbulence in[…]

Floyd Landis at M2 Revolution 3-30-07

My coach, M2, just opened a new facility in San Francisco called M2 Revolution Cycling and Motion Studio at the corner of Bush and Van Ness. For his grand opening celebration, he got Floyd Landis to come and ride with us during a workout. They put Floyd’s watts up on a video screen at the[…]