Training HOT Update

Since I began this heat acclimatization training back in June, I’ve finally begun to see some nice results. The Bay area has experienced some truly unbelievably hot weather this summer. I’ve never seen it reach 90+ or even 100 degrees in Palo Alto until this year. However, it’s perfect for preparing my body for hard[…]

More Free Speed

Some more speed that is “free”. Stuff I haven’t tried though. Seems like it’s all about golf ball dimples: Zipp Tangente Clincher Tires Clincher tires developed in a wind tunnel, featuring golf ball dimples! Rocket Science Sports Dimpled Water Bottles Dimples on your water bottles reduce drag! Nike Swift Spin Time Trial Suit Nike’s Project[…]

Free Speed

A buddy of mine once remarked that you should get free speed whenever you can get it. What’s free speed? Well, it’s not really free. It’s just speed you gain from means other than physically improving for it. That means paying cash for it mostly. But at least you don’t have to sweat for it![…]

I Hate Wild Animals

I hate wild animals. Ever since I got molested by a monk seal off the Big Island of Hawaii, I just hate wild animals. Can’t stand encountering them in the wild. Don’t want them near me. This last Friday, I was running in Rancho San Antonio. I was about 1:30 down in my 2:30 run[…]