IM CDA: Recovery Log

Race + 1 day: Stiff legs, up and down stairs very difficult. Lots of nutritional recovery aids, protein powder, Glutamine, BCAAs, Emergen-C. Stretching, TP Massage rollering, foam rollering, lacrosse ball massage. Wore compression leggings. Heart/lungs feel less affected than in previous races. Race + 2 days: Legs much better today. Wore compression calf sleeves. Lots[…]

IM CDA: Race Day!

After my usual preparation of equipment and also eating, we gathered up our stuff and went out to the transition area. It was already pretty crowded by 530a when we got there. Guess lots of people were antsy about preparation! The skies were partly cloudy but it was very windy and a bit chilly. I[…]