Tips on Passing the Practical Skills Assessment (PSA) for the ADAPT Health Coach Course

Woot! This last Thursday, I passed my Practical Skills Assessment (PSA) for my health coach course with ADAPT (ADAPT HCTP)! It marks a significant milestone in certification as a health coach and one that was not easy for me to achieve. In hopes of helping others through this, I thought I’d give some thoughts on[…]

I passed the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) with Dan John August 17-18, 2019 Torrance, CA

This post is a bit late, having now been nearly 4 weeks after I passed the RKC but it’s one that needs to be done! About 4 months prior, I saw that an RKC was announced on the West Coast in Southern California, and with Dan John. For those of you who might not know[…]

Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) with Dan John this August 17-18, 2019!!

I just jumped at the chance to experience Dan John at the Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) this August 17-18, 2019 in Torrance, CA. I’ve been an admirer of Dan John for years now and have loved his DVDs, lectures, and books. I’m totally excited to experience him live for 2 whole days! I’ve also been[…]