November 25, 2017


My coaching journey began from the health and fitness side of things.

I spent many years racing triathlon and marathons, having made it to the finish line of 6 Ironmans and numerous smaller races, as well as the Waikiki Rough Water Swim and many Alcatraz crossings. I had decided to train like I thought a pro-athlete would, which was to have a support crew who would use techniques like massage and put me back together each week for the next week’s workouts. This would continue for weeks on end where I would train and push myself to muscle aches and then therapists would take it all away enough to do it again the next week. I thought this was the way athletes would keep going and until some point at which my body broke down so much that I could not continue.

Boy was I wrong.

I began to wonder about why I kept getting injured while others would not. How could some of my friends keep their heavy training schedules and seemingly repeat this every week without the therapist support I had?

My first aha! moment was through swimming. After spending years swimming at terminal mediocrity, I discovered Total Immersion through Coach Shinji Takeuchi, whose Youtube video and live coaching inspired me to finally clean up my stroke, rebuild it from the ground up, and ultimately become a Total Immersion Level 2 coach in 2011. Through swimming correctly, I learned that technique plays a major role in every movement that we do. Learning the correct technique will reduce dramatically the injuries that can happen, not to mention increasing speed with less effort.

As I trained swimmers, I realized that many of my athletes had limitations in movement or strength, and I started diving into land based disciplines to help them get better.

Some of these include:

Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) Level 1
Original Strength Pro
Onnit Academy Steel Mace Specialist
Progressive Calisthenics Coach
Animal Flow L1

I also learned numerous rehabilitation and training disciplines. To name a few:

Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) Level 1
Immaculate Dissection
Anatomy in Motion
Primal Movement Chains by Perry Nickelston
FMS Level 1 and 2
Hanna Somatics
Primitive Reflex Integration
StrongFirst StrongEndurance, Second Wind by Pavel, All Terrain Conditioning

From all of these, I pick and choose techniques to improve and enhance my clients.

Along the way, I became more interested in more than just physical training, and dived into how to improve overall health.

Nutrition is one of those critical parts of health and performance that is often misunderstood or not addressed. I became a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Coach to aid my clients achieve goals like fat loss, healthier eating patterns, or to support better health.

In exploring how to break down internal and external barriers to reaching desired, optimal states, I trained as a health coach and am now an ADAPT Functional Health Coach. This introduced me to traditional coaching techniques used by life and executive coaches, which are not necessarily the techniques used by your typical sports coach. Little did I know that these techniques would solve a long standing problem I was having with my clients…

Circling back to my personal training clients – there was one aspect of personal training that had dogged me for years without a clear solution, and it went like this. I would meet with a client who wanted to get better with, say, their swimming. They would pay me for an hour of my time, and we would go through what were opportunities for improvement and then derive solutions. They would agree to practice those solutions, and therein produce improvements to which we would add to next time around. Theoretically, they would also improve and get closer to their goal of swimming better. A week or two would pass, and then I would see them again. I asked them how their practice went and they would reply that they did none of it!

This was also repeated with my early nutrition clients. We would sit down and go through solutions, but yet none of them would stick. They would ultimately fail to implement any of the potential solutions and not progress. And habit building didn’t work either, despite what all the habit gurus would say.

What was going on here?!?! A person would pay me money, get the correct prescriptions but then go back and ultimately fail to implement those prescriptions despite spending time and money to discover them. Something else was afoot here and it wasn’t until I dived deeper into traditional coaching techniques that I found answers and much improved possibilities for my clients.

Basically, information *rarely* moves people to action. Instead we must unwind whatever barriers and distortions they may have that stand in the way of them reaching their goals. This is where traditional life coaching techniques opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunity for all my clients.

I began (and continue to) broadening my perspective to encompass many aspects of life coaching and credentialed with the International Coaching Federation as an Associate Certified Coach. I also have delved into techniques involving the combination of mind, body, and spirit through Genco Method techniques, which involve areas such as somatic coaching, working with the nervous system, incorporating Eastern techniques alongside Western evidence based approaches, sound healing, shamanism, visualization, and dreaming.

I see life, health, and wellness coaching as an umbrella over all of my other offerings and provides a unique way of partnering with a client to design the life they desire, setting them on a healing path, and eliminating the barriers that stand in the way of reaching their desired state of being.

My current projects include:

Press the half bodyweight kettlebell.
Master the Human Flag.
One arm kettlebell swings with the Beast (48kg).
Hand balancing.
Full middle splits.
Downward facing dog with my heels completely on the ground.
Resolving my thyroid issues through completely natural means.
Shamanic journeying and dreaming.

I am always working on expanding my learnings in healing, coaching, movement, training and rehab, strength and conditioning, and nutrition. You will always find me enrolled in a course or traveling to the next workshop!