Training Advice for Everyone

One of my swimmers is moving out of the area. He and I have been working together for over 2 years and he’s made incredible progress. Here were some suggestions to him on how to approach training without our regular interactions: Progress is rarely linear all the time. You should expect setbacks and reversals of[…]

Form Training with the 4 S’s

In the last few months, I’ve been really into Total Immersion and their teaching method. Swimming is one of those activities which require mastery of so many little details that trying to learn swimming all at once is very very difficult. So they do a great job of breaking down technique with drills, and enforcing[…]

Intermediate to Advanced: The Different Types of Training

In my interactions with my coach M2, I have learned that there are 6 types of training. These are: 1. Neuro-muscular – training of the nervous system to do something either differently, better, or to some form which maximizes efficiency and minimizes effort. Example: super short high speed treadmill intervals for 15-30 seconds per interval,[…]

Training HOT Update

Since I began this heat acclimatization training back in June, I’ve finally begun to see some nice results. The Bay area has experienced some truly unbelievably hot weather this summer. I’ve never seen it reach 90+ or even 100 degrees in Palo Alto until this year. However, it’s perfect for preparing my body for hard[…]

The Dreaded DNF

Watching my friends race Ironman China yesterday was really painful. The heat index reached 115 which is a combination of temperature plus humidity. It was an unbelievably hot and humid day on Hainan Island and for the 500+ racers, it was a nightmare. One of my buddies DNF-ed. He was feeling blurry eyed in the[…]