Intra-Abdominal Pressure Development for Crawling

In the Original Strength forums, a user asked for my prescription of training for crawling and avoiding aching wrists. When I see symptoms like aching wrists, it is likely the result of insufficient generation of intra-abdominal pressure during crawling. The wrists (and other body parts) will start to compensate for poor stabilization, causing inevitable aches[…]

IM CDA: Recovery +11 Days

It’s been 11 days after IM CDA. Recovery seems to be coming along. +7 days: Biked for the first time on computrainer, fast one leg spinning. Spinning fast was tough at first and then loosened up. Definitely a bit more effort required than normal to maintain speed. +8 days: First swim, only 1000 yards. Swam[…]

IM CDA: Still Watching the Weather

Last night it was rainy pretty hard for a while. That really sucks because we’ll have to hand in our bikes tonite and they’ll be left outside, potentially to be rained on overnight before the race tomorrow morning. Today there is some sunshine but still a lot of clouds. Yahoo! Weather for Coeur d’Alene says:[…]