August 1, 2019

Health Coaching

Are you trying to reach optimal health but finding it difficult? Do there seem to be barriers that you can’t seem to get past? Did you try some of the popular habit gurus’ suggestions and nothing seemed to stick?

Health coaching is one-tenth knowledge which is the easy part. The other nine-tenths is working through the various motivational and behaviorial barriers that we all face as 21st century humans.

Working together, we will explore and unlock the resourcefulness in each and every one of us, empowering you to make lasting change in your lives towards healthier living.

We can work either independently or under the direction of a clinician, whose prescriptions you may be finding it hard to implement. Some of the common factors we will look to improve are sleep, stress, behaviors, diet, attitude, among others. We will work together to examine your current life and choose paths to optimize. Ultimately, this is a journey of self discovery and empowerment where you will discover that all of these things are possible and that you already have all the raw materials necessary to do it!

My training comes from Chris Kresser’s ADAPT Health Coach Training Program and I am an ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach.

Please contact me for more details and how to work together.