October 24, 2019

PN students/colleagues looking for coaching – Asia/Pacific

Hi all,

First, thanks again for helping my classmates and me with our certification requirements for both Chris Kresser’s ADAPT Health Coach Course and for certification with the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches. As mentioned in my PN FB group post, we need 25 coaching sessions after we pass our final exam in order to complete certification. Then we need another 25 (50 total) to get certified by the National Board.

Below is a list of my classmates who are all excellent coaches, and are in process satisfying either or both of the previously mentioned certifications. These are ones who are willing to work with Asia Pacific based clients.

Many of us are willing to take on coaching clients for free in order for us to reach our certification requirements. Note that while most are willing to take you on for free, some of the coaches are offering 3 free sessions before requiring payment. So you should check with them to make sure what they are offering you, and for how long or how many sessions.

Also note that while there were a few PN grads in our class, I am not sure who in this list is or is not; it is likely that they are not PN grads, so they won’t be familiar with PN and what they are teaching you. I did mention to them that you are likely from the health and fitness field, either athletes or coaching yourselves. However, as mentioned in my PN post, I did note that many of you had common and similar issues like everyone else in the world in attempting to achieve your goals. I also told them that your perception of what coaching is might be changed, after your experience with them. And I did mention to them that you might get a good learning experience out of it, either or both of reaching your own goals or getting a taste of what pure coaching can do for you and your clients in shattering the barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals.

As you look through their websites and/or read their descriptions, you may see that many are targeting certain client populations; please do not let this deter you from contacting them if your issue doesn’t exactly match what their marketing says. Their skills are applicable to any gender, age, or issue.

If I might suggest – the selection of a coach can be a long and involved process. I would highly recommend you contact several of them and do chemistry sessions to see which one is most resonant and comfortable for you to be coached by. Not every person will be resonant with a given coach; there must be trust, respect, and comfort between coach and client to fully realize the coaching relationship. So I would highly encourage you to explore a few to see who might work best with you.

Here they are, and their contact information:

  1. Eric Ho – eric.ho@bumblebeewellbeing.com
  2. Lauren Angélil – laurenkangelil@gmail.com
  3. HyunWoo Roh – limitlessroh@gmail.com

Please do let me know how it goes at dshen@coachdshen.com.