November 26, 2017


Nutrition for Health

One of the most dominant factors in our health is what we put in our mouths. Besides breathing and (usually) sleeping, eating is something we do consistently every day. But yet we don’t pay as much attention into what we put into our mouths as we should.

Optimal nutrition drives optimal health. The quality of what we put in our bodies creates a platform from which all superb health can spring. If we do not address nutrition, any other forms of health management are likely to be ineffective or unsustainable.

Weight Management and Body Composition

In terms of body composition goals and management, nutrition is, by far, the most important factor, much more than exercise. For years, researchers and medical professionals have touted that it’s not what you eat, but rather that you simply don’t exercise enough and that exercise alone will fix your body composition issues. That unfortunately is untrue. Have you ever tried to workout to lose weight without diet modification? It is a never ending path to futility where you workout for ever harder and longer sessions until you burn out or result in injury.

Nutrition is hard. It’s confusing. There are so many fads out there and experts touting this or that diet. Who do you believe?

Have you tried to lose weight only to fall off the wagon a few weeks later? Are you discouraged by lack of results? Do you hop from diet to diet hoping for something better but nothing seems to stick? Do you find it hard to impossible to control your eating pattern no matter how hard you try?

Together we will work through the motivational and behavioral barriers to success. We will also explore the myriad of possible solutions, create sustainable changes in what you consume, with the aim of improving your health.

Nutrition is highly dependent on the individual and their own goals, and rarely does one solution fit all. At the beginning, we sit down and determine what your individual goals are and develop a plan accordingly. I introduce good nutrition practices and use coaching techniques to reinforce them so that you can sustain your goals if/when coaching ends. Weight/fat loss, managing body composition, and nutrition for performance and recovery are my favorite areas in which to work.

I have been a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Professional since November 2018.

I would highly suggest contacting me for information before we start. We can discuss how nutrition can impact your life and take you where you want to go and who you want to be.