November 26, 2017


Total Immersion Swimming is unique amongst swim instruction systems in its ability to address the issues of the beginner all the way to the elite. We teach swimming in this order:

  1. Balance – being horizontal in the water.
  2. Streamline – reducing drag and being needle-like in the water.
  3. Propulsion – using the whole body to generate propulsion on a properly shaped and floating vessel.

A fourth step I like to add is called Optimization, which is to take Balance, Streamline, and Propulsion into time, distance, and speed.

Total Immersion uses drills and focal points to teach optimal swimming form in all four strokes, Freestyle, Butterfly, Breast Stroke, and Back Stroke, and the Combat Swim Stroke. By far, the most popular stroke I teach is Freestyle, given the high triathlete population in the San Francisco Bay Area.

For Freestyle, I work on the 3 (+1) stages above one by one. First we get you floating horizontal in the water and teach you how to control it. Next, we show you how to form the body shape with the least drag, and to rotate efficiently about your spine as an axis. Then, we show you how to use your whole body to generate propulsion, and not just through swiping your arms or kicking your legs faster and faster. We teach the Two Beat Kick which only kicks once per stroke and coordinates the kicking leg with the rotational energy of the body to send momentum out the spearing lead arm.

We also teach you how to use tools to effectively measure your progress. Using metrics such as stroke counting and tempo, along with speed, time and distance, we give you the ability to measure efficiency of your stroke that is consistent from practice to practice. We love the FINIS Tempo Trainer for this purpose and show you how to use it to hold form over longer and longer distances and faster speeds.

My sessions are videoed entirely for your own record and review. We may also do an initial swim video and occasional videos to show progress.

I coach swimming at Menloswim, with instruction at their Burgess Pool in Menlo Park.

I have been a Total Immersion Certified Coach Level 2 since 2011 and occasionally help out at SF Bay Area TI workouts.

Please contact me directly to setup a time for lessons and for pricing.