November 26, 2017


Prehabilitation, or pre hab, a form of strength training, aims to prevent injuries before the actual occurrence.Wikipedia

When I began coaching swimming back in 2011, I would apply the drills and techniques but often wonder why swimmers weren’t taking to them as readily as I was taught they would. Upon further examination of the swimmers themselves, I realized that they had limitations brought on by years of lack of movement, or improper movement, or injury that they had sustained in the past. While the drills and techniques might eventually have gotten them to successful swimming, I always look for faster and efficient paths to reaching their goals.

This led me to explore a number of disciplines that I apply to my athletes to prepare them for not only swimming but other athletics as well:

Original Strength
Immaculate Dissection
Anatomy in Motion
Primal Movement Chains by Perry Nickelston
Hanna Somatics
Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) L1

We typically start with an assessment and history intake. We then look at what you’re trying to accomplish and set you on the path to get there. This usually means an exercise/movement prescription which will improve your situation and your ability to perform athletic movements.

Note that if you feel pain, you should consult with a clinician first before we meet and work together.

Please contact me for more information about your situation and how we can help achieve your goals.