November 26, 2017


I love training and hope to instill that spirit in my clients. That doesn’t mean I advocate training hard until you puke every session. It just means that I love movement of all sorts and want to get people moving as much as possible.

For training, I love kettlebells and bodyweight exercises. With most people I try to keep things very uncomplicated and give people the minimal dose necessary to achieve their goals. In many cases, 30 minutes is all you need, maybe even less, per day.

I like to see people achieve their goals and then do a little more. Challenges in life are what keep life interesting and new. Who wants to do the same boring thing over and over again?

Be strong. Move well. Come train with me and let’s get there together!

My main areas of focus are:

Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC).
Original Strength Level 2 coach.
Progressive Calisthenics Coach.

Please contact me for more information on training and what your goals are.