December 2, 2017


Coaching Services

Thank you for your interest in my coaching services! Please read on for some preliminary information before filling out the contact request form.

Life, Health, Nutrition, Somatic Coaching

My coaching builds on the philosophy that all people are creative, resourceful, and whole, and have the innate capability and capacity in themselves to change. I will partner with you on your journey and facilitate the process of change. That means, therefore, you’ll be doing the bulk of the work!

True readiness for change is paramount. By looking me up and reaching this page, you’ve already come far! However, I would encourage you to look again within yourself and see if you are truly prepared for the time and effort it will take to make changes.

For example, to lose 10 pounds can take 4 weeks for some, or a year or longer for others. Neither is “good” or “bad”; it merely reflects what hurdles a person may need to work through to attain their goals, and the dedication someone needs to have to keep at it until they reach them. Every person is different and while the process will be similar, the paths each person takes will be very individual, and time and effort expended very much tailored to them.

While sessions can be one-off, to embark on a journey of sustainable life and health changes will require a commitment of at least 3 months, and often much longer.

With that in mind, let’s talk! Please tell me a little about yourself, and where you want to take our coaching.  Sessions will be via Zoom or phone. If appropriate, we will setup an initial 30 min discovery call to meet and determine compatibility.

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your path to a more optimal life!

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical professional. Coaches do not prevent, diagnose, treat or cure medical conditions, and coaching does not replace the need for medical advice. Information presented here is not intended as medical or legal advice. Coaching is not psychotherapy or counseling.